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Realistic virtual experiment assessment of 3D-PTV

Find out about our new publication in Flow Measurement and Instrumentation: "Lagrangian turbulence statistics using 3D-PTV: Realistic virtual experiment assessment", prepared by our collaborators from the University of Central Florida, Alex Ruiz and Samik Bhattacharya.

When you ask #chatgpt to summarize it in simple terms, it writes:

"This paper is about how scientists can use a "virtual experiment" approach to assess 3D-PTV experiments. Scientists can use this approach to make sure their experiment is set up correctly and to save time. They can also use it to measure the flow of particles and test if it is accurate." which is a pretty good summary :)

There is a draft version on #ResearchGate which is open to everyone you can always ping us and we'll send you a published PDF copy.

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Alex Liberzon
Alex Liberzon
Jan 27, 2023

good work

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