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Warm Up on the Beach


PhD/postdoc for the ISF funded experimental research of stratified turbulent/non-turbulent interfaces, focusing on entrainment, turbulent properties near the interface, and motion of particles across the stratified interfaces with turbulence.


Please contact Prof. Alex Liberzon directly (alexlib at tauex dot tau ac dot il) with your CV and a research statement.


Additional research topics:


  1. Solid particles crossing turbulent/non-turbulent interfaces in two stratified liquid layers

  2. Solid particles impacting on the half-spherical cavity in high Reynolds turbulence airflow

  3. Development of a serverless PIV method – pay for your PIV analysis at lighting speed on the AWS or GCP

  4. Bridge 3D-PTV with the DIC methods to obtain mechanical stress on the living biological tissue of macroalgae

  5. Use OpenPIV in the cloud (either Google Cloud, AWS, Azure, AWS Lambda) to run the tests for the WASHSTREET experiment (see also here and here and the paper with similar results is here ) or use the pre-validated dataset from (30.6 Gb) and compare to the existing works.

  6. Develop a Stereoscopic PIV version for OpenPIV, bridging between OpenPTV and OpenPIV

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