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"Great things in experimental research are never done by one person; they're done by a team of people." – Steve Jobs

Prof Alex Liberzon

Alex has joined the School of Mechanical Engineering in 2006, after the postdoc at the Institute of Hydrodynamics at ETH Zurich and after Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering at the Technion (2003).

The research interests are related to experimental fluid dynamics, with the special focus on turbulent flows. More specifically, the major goal is to understand the subtle changes of turbulence structure in the flows with external influences or additives, e.g. stratification, two-phase particle-laden flows, dilute polymers, etc. In addition, Alex is promoting the open source software and open science. Additional research topics outside of small scale turbulence are in the fields of complex (pulsating, unsteady) flows in biology and medicine.

Head of the laboratory
Demitry Aronovsky

Demitry Aronovsky is our lab engineer from Jan. 1, 2019. Demitry brings his vast experience from successful positions he took at industry.

Lab Engineer
Hadar Traugott

Hadar has graduated with M.Sc. from our lab and after a couple of years of research in the Dead Sea Corporations, she’s back for her Ph.D. on the bio-refinery and macro-algae growth in the open sea project, co-supervised with Dr. Alex Golberg from the Porter School of Environmental Engineering Hadar is a proud awardee of the Boris Mints Institute scholarship.

Ph.D. student
Marco Boetti

Marco Boetti joined our laboratory as an early stage researcher​ (ESR) of the Marie Curie International Training Networks abbreviated COMPLETE. Marco developed direct numerical simulations (DNS) of two different turbulent non-turbulent stratified interfaces and studies entrainment and transport across the TNTI. 

Read more about his research here 

Ph.D. student
Yoav Kessler

Yoav Kessler is working on the novel sensor for the flow measurements, based on the new ideas that can be developed in MEMS laboratory of Prof. Slava Krylov.


His LinkedIn profile is linked here

Ph.D. student
Meiron Zollman

Meiron Zollmann works on the intensification of macroalgae growth through mathematical modelling and experiments, focusing on nutrients uptake and seggregation. Co-supervised with Prof. Alex Golberg from the Porter School of Environmental Studies

Read more about him on his Linkedin page

Ph.D. student
Yiftach Golov

Yiftach Golov is our Ph.D. student at the Porter School of Environmental studies, working on the sexual interaction of moths and their navigation based on turbulent odor transport.

Read more about his research here 

Ph.D. student
Liron Simon

Liron Simon is the M.Sc. student on a direct track working on the machine learning (ML) modeling of the turbulent transport across stratified interfaces with density gradients. 

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M.Sc. student
Dan Refaeli

Dan Refaeli is the M.Sc. student on a direct track working on the novel fluid flow sensor, co-supervised with Prof. Slava Krylov

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M.Sc. student
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Lior Shig

Lior Shig is the Ph.D. student, working on the problem of pollutant dispersion in urban canopy flows as a part of the PAZY sponsored project in collaboration with the Technion and the Israel Institute of Biological Research Environmental Wind Tunnel team. 

Ph.D. student
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Almog Greenberg

Almog will study navigation in turbulent environments based on hydrodynamic sensing. 

M.S. student