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Hadar Traugott had successfully passed Ph.D. candidacy exam

Hadar has completed her Ph.D. candidacy exam and started her main, important phase of the Ph.D. research. We are looking forward for her contribution to the hydrodynamic effects on algae growth. Hadar is co-supervised by Dr. Alexander Golberg from the Porter School of Environmental and Earth Sciences.

Hadar is a Boris Mints Institute scholar, working on one of the central aspects in intensification of biomass production – the relation between applied stresses, growth and content of seaweeds.

From the Renewable Energy Center page:

Hadar completed a M.Sc. in mechanical engineering in the field of fluid dynamics, at the Tel Aviv University. Since then has worked as a researcher at ICL (Dead Sea Works) R&D. Hadar’s Ph.D. research focuses on the subject of “Off shore biorefinery for the biofuel production” under the supervision of Prof. A. Liberzon and Dr. A. Golberg. The goal of the research is to develop tools and technologies to increase the net energy return of offshore biorefineries for biomass production. Current strategies for food production and renewable energy generation rely heavily on the classic land based agriculture. However, land availability is the limiting factor.

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