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Bio-inspired navigation strategies in turbulent plumes

JANUARY 9, 2019

Jointly with Roi Gurka, Ally Harari (Volcani Center)and Gregory Zilman we developed a concept of bio-inspired navigation in turbulent plumes.

We performed numerical simulations and experiments in a wind tunnel with flying moths to study the dispersion of scalar plumes and moth navigation to a female.

Recently Yiftach Golov joined our team and added collaboration with the group of Shlomo Margel (Bar Ilan) to add nano-materials research to the question of olfactory sensing and navigation of moths in turbulent environments. Yiftach also works on the moth tracking in 3D in Volcani Center wind tunnel w/o turbulence and various source competitions.

We also have Noam Benelli helping us to develop a numerical model of various navigation strategies using a unified Python platform for repeatable and fast simulations.

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