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Advanced course on Lagrangian approaches to multiphysics two-phase flows

This post is for graduate students and researchers that want to strengthen their knowledge of Lagrangian approaches to multi-physics and two-phase flows. The CISM - International Centre for Mechanical Sciences will host an advanced course by 6 invited lecturers, organized by Christophe Henry and Jacek Pozorski in September 2023.

More info is here

I'll give the lecture on 3D-PTV, including the hands-on session. Looking forward to seeing you all in Udine next year.

Alex Liberzon (Tel Aviv University, Israel) 4 lectures + 2 hands-on sessions on: Overview over the 2D and 3D Lagrangian particle tracking experimental methods from theoretical, computational, and hardware perspectives; Hands-on sessions on two-phase PIV and PTV methods for 2D/3D measurements, using open source software OpenPIV and OpenPTV.
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