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A New Scientific Collaboration: Exploring Optical 3D-PTV with Prof. Arash Kheradvar from UCI

Amidst challenging times, our commitment to advancing science remains unwavering. Today, we are thrilled to announce our partnership with Prof. Arash Kheradvar from UC Irvine, a leading expert in cardiovascular science and engineering.

The Grant

This collaboration is possible due to the generous TAU-UCI fund for bioconvergence, established by the Faculties of Engineering on both sides. We thank the respective scientific committees for selecting our proposal.

The Scientific Endeavor

Our joint venture centers around optical 3D-PTV measurements, a cutting-edge technique in Particle Tracking Velocimetry. Prof. Kheradvar's group at UC Irvine will simultaneously investigate the same subject using their innovative 3D-echoPIV system. This collaboration signifies the start of an exciting scientific journey.

First Steps to a Unified Vision

While in its early stages, this collaboration holds immense promise. We aspire not only to work together but to develop a unified methodology that will drive our research. Our collaboration with Prof. Arash Kheradvar and his team at UC Irvine will hopefully lead to innovative scientific solutions.

Stay tuned for updates on our shared scientific journey. Your support is invaluable as we explore the uncharted realms of discovery.

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