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Turbulence Structure Laboratory


Our mission

We want to understand turbulence and its structure better and find efficient ways to manage it. That's why we add particles, bubbles, droplets, polymers, electromagnetic fields, or density stratification and measure how turbulence reacts.

Our primary approach is experimental - we develop novel optical measurement methods, microscopic sensors, and open-source software to accomplish our goals.

We also help other fields of science to measure and understand their complex fluid flows: in environmental problems, biology, the human body, or industrial processes.



Real-time image processing for the 3D-PTV in action at the 1Vision headquarters before its installation in the Turbulence Structure Laboratory. Four cameras are running full speed, 4 Mpix @ 500 fps, and the Blobrecorder software can render the position of every bubble in this bubbly column in real-time.

Please e-mail: Prof. Alex Liberzon 

Our address:

Wolfson Building, room 215
School of Mechanical Engineering
Faculty of Engineering
Tel Aviv University
Tel: +972-(0)3-640-8928
Lab: +972-(0)3-640-6860


How to find us

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