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Real time 3D Particle Tracking with FPGA

Resolving the bottleneck problem of fluid flow measurements

Tel Aviv University Digital Video Recording system with real-time image processing based on Silicon Software FPGA framegrabbers and software. Developed by 1Vision LTD. Netanya

The bottleneck of the high speed tracking systems today is the data transfer. Our real time image processing solution on FPGA is removing this constraint. One can achieve a a multi- or single-camera-with-FPGA solution for the 3D Particle Tracking at very moderate budget. No synchronization, no data transfer limits, no framegrabbers, no image processing in software. Record and track in Matlab/Python or our 3D-PTV software.

The project started long time ago, with the first the simplest possible Mikrotron MC1324 CMOS camera that had a dedicated Sobel filter implemented on the embedded FPGA. The outcome of this camera was a 80 Mbit/sec through a Ethernet channel to a PC hard drive. The project was developed by Mark Kreizer and Eldad Sumnon.

Mark and Eldad adjusting the mirrors

The results

We have completed the first round of experiments in the lid driven cavity facility. The 2D Sobel-based PTV system worked in parallel to the regular 3D-PTV system and the results were compared in the mid-plane of the cavity.

The results appear to be very interesting, beyond the real time image processing story and summarized in the manuscript which is published in the Experiments in Fluids journal Publications

Read a short summary: PDF

Slideshow: PDF

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