We study turbulent and complex flows,
develop sensors, optical methods and open source software for turbulence research

MEMS nonlinear sensors

Thanks for collaboration with Prof. Slava Krylov and his lab, we developed a line of new, active, non-linear fluid flow velocity and velocity gradient sensors, based on non-linear MEMS multi-stable systems. 


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Biology and bioengineering

We develop some unique experiments to study the interplay between turbulent flows and biology. We study male moths navigation in turbulent environments, based solely on odor spreading physics, motion of small organisms in the turbulent ocean, and intensive growth of macroalgae (in the photo below) under the effect of turbulent controlled mechanical stress.

Inertial Particles

Inertial particles, droplets and bubbles moving in turbulent flows are key in many applications, from airborne pollution, to industrial applications such as solid propellant rocket engines. We study their Lagrangian trajectories in various turbulent flow conditions and setups, including resuspension, deposition, interface crossing, etc. 

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3D Particle Tracking

We develop 3D-PTV for many years. Standing on shoulders of giants,  we extended the original design from ETH Zurich to the unique solution based on the real-time image processing at 6.25 Gb/sec. This enables us to get turbulent Lagrangian trajectories of fluid tracers or inertial particles, droplets, bubbles and bio-organisms in real time. Read more ...

Stratified turbulence

Particles settling or rising through stratified layers of fluids, experience additional, buoyancy related resistance. We study this motion in turbulent/non-turbulent stratified interfaces

Biomedical applications

Together with our colleagues and medical doctors we study fluid dynamics of pulsating, unsteady flows in complex geometries, assisting health professionals to understand better the effect of fluid motion and fluid-structure interaction in vascular diseases, body fluid drainage and other health issues.

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